Sand & Gravel

Loader loading pickup at Blake Tile & Stone


High quality sand and gravel is essential to create a proper bed for driveways and paths. Blake Tile & Stone is proud of the quality of the materials we have produced for more than 60 years.

We can load your truck or deliver to your site. No minimum purchase required. Our staff will help you decide on the quantity you need to complete your project.

For larger dump truck gravel orders, see Blake Sand & Gravel.


Topsoil and Bark

Soil is more than just dirt. Depending on your landscaping plans, your choice of topsoil, compost, or bark is the foundation in which everything else is built upon.  Our topsoil is a 50/50 blend of screened sand and local compost.  We carry medium/fine blended beauty bark.


Blake Tile & Stone - varieties of decorative gravel


Decorative Gravel, Ground Cover and Crushed Rock

Decorative gravel is used extensively for walkways, landscaping, patios, and ornamental gardens.  It also makes an excellent ground cover. Crushed gravel for pathways and projects are available in a variety of colors.  Please visit us to see our displays. Like decorative gravel, crushed rock provides a great texture and feel to both formal and informal areas of your landscape.  We can help you decide which stone is best for your needs.